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Twisted Willow

I have a twisted willow, bought about 2 months ago, in

a pot on the patio.  It was growing and thriving however

today I went out and noticed it has lost 90% of it's leaves.

I watered with Miracle Grow last nite... but have watered

with MG a few times before.  Any ideas and suggestions

if I can save it?


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,854

    they are HUGELY  thirsty, maybe it dried out at some point? I grew  one from a cutting and within 7 years it was 30 feet tall. Unless it's a massive pot, I'd stick it in the ground.

  • daisy doodaisy doo Posts: 90

    i have a 6ft twisted willow that has lost most of its leaves the rest going black at the tips. Also have 3 cuttings which we took last year which are about 2ft tall. Two are fine one has been stripped bare of leaves. This is caused by willow saw fly which decimates the foliage. The tree doesn't suffer just looks very unsightly. You may find evidence of caterpillars.

    on a lighter note blue and great tits love to eat them and our tree is a colourful feeding station

    hope this helps a bit
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  • should I continue watering the willow even tho it looks past it's prime???

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,854

    can't do any harm


  • Thanx for all your posts!!! green fingers crossed!  image


  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    Just keep watering it. The pot needs to be big as it is a Willow, which is naturally found on riverbanks. I would not feed it - best not to feed a sick plant. Mine is in the ground and suffers windburn at times and during dry periods I do need to water it a lot, even in the ground. Long term a pot is slow death.

  • Well good news fellow followers of my poor Twisted Willow... have been 

    watering and have loads of new growth!!! YEAH!!!  I guess praying to the

    Alan Titchmarsh God up above helped!!!!image

  • ToadyToady Posts: 56
    Please be aware that feeding any plant that is dry at the roots could cause distress, water the day before feeding to be safe!
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