Crop rotation

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I get the reason why you should rotate crops, although in a small garden like we've got it's easier said than done.

I've got one raised bed with garlic currently in but which should be coming out by the end of the month. I've got leeks which I need to plant out, currently roughly pencil width, and so in an ideal world they'd follow the garlic, otherwise I'm going to be waiting for some other beds to be freed up.

Question, then, if I put the leeks where the garlic has been until recently, will that cause problems, or so long as next year I put something else in that bed will it be ok? I'd put some fresh compost and fertiliser down either way.

Basically, I'm not sure whether you need to rotate crops within a year or within successive years.


  • If the garlic has no visible signs pest / disease then I don't see why you cant get away with it this once. Although the soil would require some additional nutrients added as the garlic would have taken these and they both require similar quantities / types seeing as they're the same family.

    Ultimately though it is advisable to rotate due to what you have stated and to avoid soil exhaustion. 

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    It is usual to rotate crops year by year. If you have four beds the same crop will not return to bed one for four years.  I prefer to put strawberries in the rotation so I have more than four beds.

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    I think I might give it go... I've got some onion fertilser and new multipurpose...

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    Don't get too hung up on crop rotation especially if you growing veg in a small garden. As long as you don't always grow the same crop in the same place every year then you should be fine. A lot of veg books are written assuming you have space for a formal rotation system ie ideally a minimum of 3 and 4 beds. I was very relieved to read recently that we don't all need to slavishly follow this if we don't have the space or right aspect in each bed to do so : ) it's the gold standard to aim for not a must do
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    I agree with chrissy, crop rotation is important, but just do what you can image
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