Pear midge??

Mrs SMrs S Posts: 11
My husband is not really into gardening but has taken an interest in a large pear tree in our garden. We moved here 6years ago and the first year had loads of pears. Since then it has been a failure, virtually all the small fruits falling off. He did a bit of research and we discovered it was pear midge. We had seen a lot of small flies on a sunny day when the blossom is out. Also the blacks fruits had very tiny larvae in them. So last year he picked up all or most of the fruits and disposed of them and I put up yellow sticky traps in spring to catch any flies, to try and break the life cycle. Much to his despair the fruits are all on the ground again! He is now talking of cutting all the branches down to 3 foot so he can cut all the blossom off next year to break the cycle. I like the tree as it attracts the birds and covers the house next door. Any other ideas? I don't want to use insecticides.
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