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poorly corkscrew willow

Aurora2Aurora2 Posts: 8

I have what was a beautiful corkscrew willow in a huge pot in my garden. Unfotunately it blew over in the gales earlier this year and now has only growth on the trunk and lower parts. The top half of the leader seems to be dead, as are a good deal of the upper parts. Any tree surgeon advice out there? l don' t want to lose my tree, but l don' t really want to chop half of it off either. Any ideas of which bits can come off without leaving me with a tall stump and a bit of leaf? ..thanks


  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    A photo would be handy, Aurora, but if there's a dead chunk, I should cut it off, going back slightly into living wood so that the wound will heal.  The twisted willow (Salix contorta?) I've seen have so many twists and turns that, after a year or two, the missing bit will be far less noticeable.

  • Arthur1Arthur1 Posts: 534

    This plant should tolerate a lot of hard pruning. Might even Be good for it.

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