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Windy Hill


I am also new to this sight and need some advise on plants for a very windy garden

I live at the top of a very steep hill in North East Scotland and the wind just whistles round our house and I have lost a lot of plants due to the wind, but the plants that seem to be OK are Hydrangea, Dianthus, Geranium and most of my Alpine varieties

I need some advise on plants that are colourful because mine all seem to be pinks or lilac or orange and I would like maybe blues & yellows


  • Some of the geraniums, then. Geranium 'Rozanne' or its cousins, 'Orion' and 'Brookside'.  Yellows - drainage good? Try achillea 'Moonshine' or 'Cloth of Gold'.  Rudbeckia missouriensis.

    What's the pH of the soil? I'm presuming neutral to acid 

  • Yes it is and it's really good soil

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