? Dying Acer

I believe that is the correct name.  It has been growing quite happily for the last three years in it's shady spot in my garden - adequate light - but now it looks as though it has died - only two healthy leaves the rest are shrivelled and brown. There is also an astilbe that has the same dead look although this is not directly next to it.  Can anybody help as to what this may be or and how to save my acer. JXP


  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 391

    My acer hasnt a leaf left but this is normal at this time of year. Have you had a frost? Your astilbe will die back for the winter too

  • My acer's leaves have just disappeared - the temperature suddenly dropped over the weekend.

  • JXPJXP Posts: 4

    No frost yet.

    My other acer is still in full leaf and my other astilbes are still in full leaf also.

  • I had two Acer plants from gardeners world last year and all the leaves dropped off last autumn so I put them in my shed and are now showing new growth so I will put out again as soon as the weather warms up. good luck.
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