Nemesia Maritana hardiness?

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I bought some Nemesia Maritana (scented lady and sweet lady) at the local nursery when looking to get some container plants. The smell really attracted me to them but when I got home I couldn't find a lot online about the hardiness or whether they are annuals or perennials, the labels don't help much either. Can anyone enlighten me?




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    Penhow Nurseries are the breeders of Nemesia Maritana and they describe it as perennial and suitable for growing " well drained soil throughout the winter months". 

    Hope that helps image

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    We bought some for out window boxes last summer and they flowered constantly until quite late, October I think. Out of the 6, 5 survived over the winter although I then lost two through my own neglect : (

    I just took them out if the window boxes and kept them in plastic pots over the winter in a dark corner of our balcony. I only lost the two I did through forgetting to water them, our balcony is covered and they were hidden away, unfortunately out of sight and mind.......

    But the remaining three are flowering really well and the scent is lovely. Cut them right back when I out them back into the window boxes in March and they were flowering again by end April. Ours are scented lady.
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    They are perennial. They're not properly hardy. Chrissie's balcony through a mild winter like our last one is probably about their limit

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    I suppose Penhow have the advantage of a 'maritime climate' with no real frosts to speak of - from what they say it's the wet and cold rather than just the cold that does them in. 

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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    Thanks for all the advice. They are lovely little plants and smell good so being a perennial is great news. I live in the south near the coast so the frosts aren't as harsh as other places but I think I'll move them into the greenhouse over winter just to be on the safe side. The soil is very sandy and free draining here so I guess they'll like that. As a bit of an experiment, I might get a couple more and plant them in the ground to see what happens to them when the frosts arrive. I suppose I could try and take a few cuttings as well. It's actually quite exciting getting to know a new plant. image

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    The scent is lovely, we only have window boxes and a small balcony but it drifts into the flat and is gorgeous and they just flower and flower non-stop.

    Bees seem to love them too
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