Leeks and beetroot

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I planted Leeks, Beetroot, carrots and potatoes in late May, The potatoes are in full swing and the carrots have popped up and are quite obvious to the eye.....my problem is where I planted the beetroot and leeks, quite a few weeds have popped up, I dare not pull them up just in case I pull up my veg! should they have started to show yet and will it be obvious when they do....I have tried to identify them by looking for rows but I think maybe my rows were'nt exactly rows...if you know what I mean!? image)


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    Beetroot seedlings  will look like tiny beetroot leaves with red stems and leeks will look like tiny tiny chives, often with a bent tip, and yes ... you'll recognise them when they appear image

    If you have any little plants that have roundish sprawling slightly furry leaves they defiinitely won't be beetroot or leeks so you can pull them up - have you put markers at each end of  the rows?  If not it's a good idea if you do that next time - gives you a bit of a clue where to look.  Things are very  slow getting going this year because of the cold weather, my beetroot and carrots are still very tiny and I put them in at the beginning of May, but they'll get going when we get some sunshine for more than 10 minutes at a time - welcome to the joys of gardening image

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    Thank you Dovefromabove....think I may have some weeding to do then!image

    I did use markers at one end of each row but I must have dropped a few carrot seeds, these are popping up in their neighbours row!!image oh well practise makes perfect....I hope.

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    Need help with leeks there growing well but they have put up flower heads they have not opened but do I cut them of or are they ok to leave will they interfere with growth
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    You need to take the flower heads off immediately because otherwise they won't form properley image. They have flower heads have formed because the lovely hot weather and then the rainy weather (dramatic weatheer change), this make the plant think that it is ready to seed.

    Hope this Helps,


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    Thank you on my way out to do it as we speak
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    Hi Loz.

    I wouldn't be able to recognise leaks but here's a pic of my beetroot seedlings when they first came up a couple of months ago.  Hope it helps.



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