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Ok so unfortunately I was brought up without a garden so we never grew anything as a child, now I'm 30 and I finally have a garden which is big enough (not huge) but I've a nice wee area that my hubby has agreed can be mine for growing veg!

Ive recently started growing and some of my stuff was doing well till the stupid plastic greenhouse I bought blew over. So I've just ordered a 10ft x 6ft polycarbonate one (I have 6 kids)

So the problem I'm having is I really dont have a clue image what do I need?

obviously I need staging which I'll have to buy as myself and my husband are not DIYers at all (YET) but whats the best to buy? should I save up and fork out for the expensive metal ones or are the cheap ones just as good?

Do I need a heater and if so what kind?

really looking forward to getting started but my lack of knowledge is really scary



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    Jody, if you can deal with 6 kids then you can do anything!  This lot are lovely and I'm sure will give you advise.  You may have to "bump" the tread in the morning though as they'll be off to bed soon image

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    Hi Jody don't worry about a heater until winter buy seeds check the sowing times get good peat free compost I would say find a good gardening nursery rather than a garden centre potatoes pumpkins butternut squash runner beans French beans turnips tomatoes cucumbers cauliflowers cabbage kale are all good to plant at this time of year they are usually for sale in plug plant form which means they can go into the ground turnips beetroots will save you a lot of money plus the taste is great if you need any help log on to the retford gardener grow and enjoy 

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    Hey supernoodle speak for yourself this guy can rock all night ! image

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    Well then, I expect advice for Jody, on the hour, every hour throughout the night...image

    Well, I'm off to bed. Never was a rocker... image

  • Kevin daleKevin dale Posts: 135

    OK no probs good nite 

  • SupernoodleSupernoodle Posts: 948

    Just teasing, Kevin. hubbie always complains I'm too sarcastic....Nite niteimage

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    I was given some cheap staging for mine, it's still in fairly good nick now 3 years later. Little rust patches here and that and it's was never as pretty as some I've seen since. But it's functional. The only thing I'd say when you're buying is, press down hard and see if they bow. I've seen ones with cage-style tops you can change around that bow under bigger pots. - Good for small flowers, but not so much for veg.

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    Nothing wrong with that enjoy your weekend image

  • Hey guys thanks for that, Im really excited and the greenhouse arrives on friday! there is just so much out there.

    think I'll just pick up some cheap staging to start and see how i go can always upgrade later on.

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    Let us know how things go Jody and good luck image


    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
  • lol trying to work out how Im going to set it all up and lock it as my little terrors were out again today tipping over my plants grr


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    Living on the Isle of Man I googled 'Greenhouses for a windy situation' when buying my new greenhouse, as sometimes it can blow a bit here!  Ended up buying a greenhouse from .... are you allowed to mention trade names?...... and I have to say it is incredible, as is their staging.   I have had it for five years now and I can't fault it.  If someone tells me its OK to mention names I will tell you, if not, look for the photo of a greenhouse with four strapping men sitting on the roof of their greenhouse and believe me, it is not an advertising gimmick, it could really happen!

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    Jody enjoy your new GH image

    How about getting a fruit cage with a lock on it, the kiddies can go in that imageimage

  • Kevin daleKevin dale Posts: 135

    Kef nice 1a cage is the best place to put all the kids and make them listen to one directionimage

  • Ah yes much better idea lock away the kids and leave the greenhouse be lmao


  • Kevin daleKevin dale Posts: 135

    Great minds think a like I know that its not politically correct to dislike kids....but I don't so there!!!! The little horrors 

  • haha youd hate mine then

  • Kevin daleKevin dale Posts: 135

    Well no offence Jody it's the way I am its the crying whining moaning screaming that gets me I want to say shut that brat up !its twisting my melon 

  • haha well they are destroying mine haha!!

    No offence taken my 3 year old could scream for ireland!!


  • Kevin daleKevin dale Posts: 135

    Hi Jody I want a woman's opinion I really want to pack my day job up and garden full time I love gardening and want to pursue it I have a few customers and they all tell me to take that big step and ditto my friends what do you think I'm due back at work tomorrow and dreading it my wife says I'm a different person away from it 

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