Kids,dogs and gardens

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How do we navigate the presence of all three? My 15 year old daughter has just come home from school and blasted a football down the garden,taking a ball-obsessed black lab with it,charging through the centaurea montana and euphorbias,not to mention heaven knows what else.I dare not go down there and look.Its times like this that I wish I never invested any kind of emotion into the garden.Perhaps if I just let it go completely and have a hay meadow.It would certainly save me a lot of time and stress,lots of lovely chest-high nettles and bramble thickets.This incident made me angry,and I've tried to point this out but then it begs the question again.Would it be easier to just let it all go.



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    I didn't do too much in the bikes and balls age Fishy. If you haven't spent hours and pounds it doesn't hurt. so much

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    I'd be upset too, but you've got to be thankful you've got a daughter who'll go outside instead of just coming home and sitting in front of the tv.

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    While I do sympathise, I guess gardens are outdoor space that should also be used (as well as look pretty). At least it was your own daughter and doggie, I get next door's footballs crashing through - I don't have any kids!!Wondering if you could invest dosh as well as emotion and have a section that is yours, off-limits to ballgames and a section for your daughter - is your garden large enough for that next year?

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    Hi guys, thanks for the comments. I probably should have taken a 30 minute time out before posting,and yes I should see the positives. My daughter is a good kid when all is said and done...and now I've chilled out a bit I can see that lol. But believe me,I was as annoyed as the Mexican manager over those two perfectly good goals that were disallowed image

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    Time flies and she will be off to college or round the world in no time. You'll miss her!

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    Just think of it as a kind of chelea chop! Most plants will put new growth on after a bit of damage! Only a couple of years and im sure she will be into something else! Enjoy it while you have it x
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    I have 3 dogs, one of which is a entire male so pee`s up everything the other likes to eat things I also have 4 children who like to tear round the garden with footballs etc. I have given up planting in the main part of the garden except for hanging baskets. I have another part of the garden that is fenced off and NO ONE is allowed in there!!!!

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    No kids for me, but i have a labrador who likes to dig holes, them lie in it- weirdo! Fences all around the veg plot for me too image
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    No dogs and my two too little to destroy anything yet though. 3 year old does water rather erratically...drowns one pit leaves the rest but she has a go! Our garden is really small, but as we live 1 min walk from botanical gardens hoping most ball games can be played there

  • bekkie hughesbekkie hughes Posts: 5,294
    As much as we complain, we wouldnt be without the little critters! image
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