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any ideas on a natural water feature for my small garden id love a pond but realistically i just dont have the room sadly



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    oops i didnt mean to put this topic in four times sorry

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    I don't have room either Jenny. A bird bath is the nearest I've got to one. I've been window shopping the solar-powered water features but they're expensive and may be a luxury too far....... I think I'll stick to window shopping

  • So simple. Dig a hole put a solid plastic pot or pond liner inside. Put gravel on the bottom and build up one side with stones to make a shallow shelf (incase a little mammal comes for a drink and falls in) A couple of marginal plants on the shelf and some oxegenating weed. If you want some movement there are small solar fountains should do the trick. If you know someone with a pond pinch some of their water after you have filled yours and left it for a few days. After it settles you have a pond !

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    If you don't want to dig a pond, just do an internet search for "small raised wildlife pond".  There's a pre-formed pond specifically designed to attract garden wildlife.  With some careful planting around the edges, this type of pond can be intergrated into even the smallest gardens.  You can even place it on your patio or deck.  Good luck with the project.

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    Thanks for that I will check that out later its the integrating that Ive been worried about I dont want it to stand out just blend with the bog garden

  • Half barrels make great little raised ponds and they generally blend in quite well to most gardens image

  • Hi weejenny, I made my pond using an old tin bath. It's tiny, but is planted with native pond plants and is a hit with the frogs.


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    Thanks for your reply did you sink the bath into the ground? I have an old tin bath

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    I have a problem with my barrel pond, the water has recently turned very green.  We set this up last year during the late Summer 2012 and left it unplanted until the end of May this year when I put a water lily in.  The lily is still alive and is throwing up new leaves but the water has gone this horrible green - I haven't got oxygenating plants yet so I'll get some today but is there anything else I sould be doing?

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    I've started a new thread on this problem so you can find replies there.

    It's called 'green soup in my water barrel'!

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