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Horsetail problems

As amateur gardeners we brought a Japanese Horsetail plant about 2 years ago for our Japanese inspired slate garden.  Unfortunately we did not realise how it spreads and new shoots have been poking up through our weed membrane for a little while now.  Up until now we had been pulling them out, but have recently read that new shoots will grow from old shoot scars.  The biggest problem is that our Sambucas plant next to the Horsetail has now died! Is this coincidental or do you think the Horsetail has consumed it? Im so worried because the next closest plant is my established Japanese Acer!!! How do I go about removing this aggresive Horsetail from my garden without it doing any more damage. Thanks.




  • shazza3shazza3 Posts: 106

    Personally, I would dig the whole lot up and let it die before composting it. Make sure you get all the roots out. if you must have it, put it somewhere where it won't take all the moisture/nutrients from around your favourite plants. Get it away from your Acer asap. This appeared in one of my large pots without me noticing probably a seed dropped by birds, and took over the whole pot/plant, it's a real thug. I think they look good around the margins of ponds.

    Looking at your almost dead shrub, when was it planted ??

    If it is fairly recent, you need to keep watering it regularly for at least 12 x months or so until it is well established. Perhaps where you've put the Sambucus is too dry an area for it.

    Hope you manage to sort something out soon, good luck.



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