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  • hi sam ,go for it ,will you post some photos of you pondless construction,if ye have any questions i will try to answer themimageponddiggerimage

  • I will that. Notvsure when ibwill be starting it but will be before april. Does the pump need to be very strong to come up through a medium stone or cobble? I am plannin a solar panel pump if pos cause i hsve ne lecky down there.
  • hi sam.i use a plastic pipe or plastic barell.i drill holes in them.i put the pump into them.the water can  flows easily into a handy pump will doimageponddiggerimage 


     barell with holes to let in the water,i put the pump into the barell

  • you can have  a pond in any size garden,they are no hassle,I have a small pond in a very small space of a front garden and a bigger pond in my back garden that's long and narrow.image

  • hi fr.any photos of your little pond in your front gardenimageponddiggerimage

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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 62,347

    That looks like a frog to me image (see my avatar).  Toad have a warty skin and a less pointy 'face'.  

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  • Thats really bonnie hollie. Thats the kind of thing im looking for as well as a wee bubbling cobble. What plants have you got in it? Is it still with oxygenating plants? How do you keep it so clear?
  • hi, finished pondless waterfall today.imageponddiggerimage


     up and running,you can make these pondless waterfalls any size

  • hi


     view from the owners patio,the owners will landscape around the pondless themself

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