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  • That looks really great, just the sort of thing that I was looking for last year, but I was told that the pump needed to be removed during the winter - it can get a bit chilly at times! image

  • hi hj .the way this pondless waterfall works .it only takes 5 minutes to take out of the pipe housing the pump,there is usally 18 in of water above the pump in the pipe,so that much water wont freezeimageponddiggerimage

  • Wow...that is stunning. Is that the same way of doing a bubbling cobble water feature?
  • hi,day 2 at pondless water consimageponddiggerimage


     filling the bason with water.covered the pipe with sandstone slab

  • image

    started building the waterfall and stream.pond liner and underlay first then the stonework

  • hi


     this is what i use instead of mortar,to fill the joints in the stone work,so a to make the water run over the stonework

  • hi, here is a little video about waterfall foam.imageponddiggerimage 

  • Hey thats looking really good image

    You make it look so easy and as though its a walk in the park lol. That foam stuff seems to be the way to go as well. Alot easier instead of cement which takes ages. So how long before the water is flowing now then?

  • hi sam .it takes about 2 hours for the waterfall foam to cure,you can run water after that.these kind of pondless are easy to build if you follow some easy stepsimageponddiggerimage  ps here is the video where i learnt to build them  
  • Thanks Ponddigger. My brain is working and now am thinking of something a bit more adventurous lol. I quite fancy water down a tree stump or over stone. Im assuming its the same principle???

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