Hi all how do I know when you potatoes are ready to pull only they are in a tub in the green house and are now about 1ft tall and are starting to flower, so do I wait for the flower or pull them now ? I only put 2 potatoes in the pot but have about 6 - 7 shoots from then and they are all flowering.


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    Wait till they have finished flowering.

  • Hi, my potatoes didnt flower at all last year, so I pulled mine and the potatoes were actually quite good. Charlotte potatoes.

  • I've had years when they didn't flower. I don't know if it depends on the variety. I usually pull mine up about 12 weeks after planting. As I plant them out around Easter I start harvesting around July/August. If you're growing them in a tub you can always put your hand in and test to see if they're big enough. Never grown them in a greenhouse though so I don't know if this would speed up their maturity

  • LullabelleLullabelle Posts: 11

    For the past couple of years we have planted salad potatos in bags, they have never flowered but the potatos have been an utter delight. We wait until the green tops start to bow over then we dig up.

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    I've got potatoes in large pots and old compost bags.

    I planted them in late april, earthed up wen needed and now they are towering above ( about 2ft ) the tops of their pots-bags.

    Some are flowering, white,purple with yellow centers an they look lovely, some are not in flower.

    I'll harvest when they finnish flowering an pray I have a good crop to feed the family, then I'll start all over again lol.

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