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Dose anyone know if I can use bin liners under my bark to stop croch grass growing ?????


  • pavery026pavery026 Posts: 75
    Probably not the best idea, I've seen it done before they don't stay in place, rip and you would be lifting the bark in no time to replace. I would use weed suppressant fabric held down with the plastic pegs.
  • Thanks Pavery026 I will have to get some fabric only the grass is getting me well down as I'm out all the time trying to get rid of it image
  • pavery026pavery026 Posts: 75
    No problem tell me about it, the birds drop the seed and I'm left pulling it up on my gravel patio. Just one of those things. ????
  • I have just read this

    I'd reccommend using newspaper instead. Most modern newspapers use a soy based ink that is biodegradable, so it won't hurt your soil, you can check with the newspaper to make sure they use this ink. Just weed eat like you planned. Put down 6-8 layers of news paper (not the ads or the shiny pages, just the regular parts that have the news), get it really wet with a hose, weigh it down with either the rocks you're planning on or mulch and then plant right through it. Keep in mind that even landscape fabric is not perfect, and grass IS going to grow through it. This will happen with the newspaper as well, but the cool thing is that next year, it will have degraded into mulch, and will look just like the dirt underneath. Whereas the landscape fabric will still be there, but full of holes so pretty much useless. And it doesn't add anything to your soil, unlike newspaper.

    I'm going to try it hope to works as it will be much cheaper image
  • pavery026pavery026 Posts: 75
    Good idea thanks
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