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Tree Peony

I planted three new tree peonies last year and I was delighted to see them making good progress this spring.  Unfortunately, one of them appears to have suddenly been blighted overnight.  At least two-thirds of the leaves have turned brown and droopy.  If it is a disease, I need to protect the other two.  Any ideas what it is and why it should happen?  I have started to spray with fungicide and hope I can save it.

Any advice appreciated.


  • Paul NPaul N Posts: 303

    Did you see Monty's advice last Friday on GW stating that Tree Peonys should be planted DEEPER than in the container? You say 'turned brown - these aren't last year's leaves are they which will be brown and may not have dropped off? At the beginning of May I pull off all of last year's leaves to leave the 'tree' tidy and ready for the new leaves. 

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    They can also suffer badly from a sudden cold spell, did you temperatures drop sharply overnight one night?  My tree peonies dislike that very much, usually sulking and dropping leaves, though I have to say I do not recall them going brown.  Maybe look to see if there are any nasty beasties eating the roots?    They do indeed need planting deep.  Thery come from China, maybe it is warmer in the part of China from which they come than it is here this year (not difficult I imagine!)

  • GretelGretel Posts: 4

    Thanks for your advice.  Unfortunately, the leaves that turned brown were new ones and perhaps it was a cold night that affected it -but why not the other two?  Anyway, I shall remove all the dead leaves, dig it up, look at the roots, plant it deeply somewhere else and continue to spray with "Rose Clear" when I spray the roses every two weeks.  Fingers crossed!

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