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Heard recently that a feed of Sulphate of potash  in June is a good thing to give Camellias.

Anyone have any ideas on this ?

The plant I am thinking of particularly was a fairly large specimen which had just been dumped on a border...........barely planted..........I imagine for a couple of years at least and looked extremely rough.

I replanted in a different area a couple of years ago and it has flowered since but is still a pretty shabby specimen.  It does really need pruning back to shape but just wondered if the potash thingy would help too ?

Another smaller Cam..........different part of the garden..........has improved over the last 2 years simply by letting in more light on a very overgrown border........haven't done anything particular with this other than clearing weeds and giving it the remains of my Cafetiere every so often. 

So, is the Potash feed the best way to go ? 


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    Thanks Verdun.........the position is ok........when would be the best time to prune ?  I know it needs doing ..........Autumn maybe or now ?  When I replanted , I did add bonemeal and it certainly looks better than it was but still a bit crap.

    Am prepared to lose the flowers next year.

    Epsom salts ?.......Foliar spray do you mean ? 

    Sorry, Camellias really aren't my thing but I'd like to keep it if possible.  maybe I should just stick to my Citrusimage

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    OK Verdun....thanks for thatimage

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    Verdun........sorry...........just one more question...........having now got some Epsom salts, I'm about to prune the Camellia and feed as you suggested.

    The only directions are for people rather than plants and as I've never used the Salts before, I am unsure quite how to apply.

    Do you dilute with water and water the plant (and if so, what ratio to use ) OR do I sprinkle the salts around the base, rake it in and then water OR are you talking about spraying the foliage and if so, again what ratio ?

    Will appreciate some clarification so thanksimage  

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    Many thanks Verdun..........image

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    Verdun..........just to say many thanks for the Epsom Salts tip.

    Poor old Camellia definitely looks a bit more sprightly .......due for her 2nd spray within the next few days.

    Thanks againimage

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