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Betula ermanii slow to come into leaf this year

Can I please pick the brains of those who know more about these things than me, please?

During the winter I moved 3 young (6 feet tall) betula ermanii trees to a new location where the soil and conditions would be better for them.  They had only been planted in their original positions for a couple of seasons.

They were dug out with huge root balls and the new ground prepared well.  Because the winter here (Chichester Harbour) had been so mild, a couple had begun to come into leaf ridiculously early - before Christmas.  The new growth was then killed off in the very cold weeks we had in January and February.  They have been watered copiously since they were transplanted.

There are half-hearted signs that leaves are breaking in places on each of the trees but none of them has come fully into leaf yet.  All have the majority of branches still bare.  I know that betula ermanii do comeinto leaf later than other birchess and that it has been a very 'funny' winter for trees coming into leaf, generally - but do you think I have cause for concern?


  • gardengirl6gardengirl6 Posts: 223

    I am not sure I know any more about these than you do, but I do know that once something has been moved, it usually concentrates on settling its roots in before it bothers to put growth on top.    Your trees are making signs of new growth, even if only half-heartedly, so I don't think you have cause for worry.     Some plants just love to sulk if they are moved!

  • Thanks GG.  This is what I had hoped - just wanted my hand held by someone else!!

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