Are Bramley Seedlings good as Cordons?

I couldn't resist Bramley Seedling maiden trees for £5 in ASDA. My plan was to train them as cordons. I have since discovered that they are partial tip bearers and therefore wonder if they are the best variety for Cordon training. Any advice would be welcome.


  • chrissieBchrissieB Posts: 772

    You need spur- bearing varieties to train as cordons as you need to be able to keep side shoots trimmed short. The RHS recommend you grow Bramley Seedling as a bush or spindlebush (basicallya  pyramid shape). You will need to have two other varieties nearby (dont need to be in your garden could be in neighbouring area) as it needs these to ensure pollination - its a good cropper though so even if pollination isn't 100% you may get enough of a crop for your own use. If you have several maybe you could try one as a cordon anyway, just be prepared that it may not crop very well.

  • I have to say I bought a cheaply a granny smith and cordoned against the fence,it has taken some time to train the branches/spurs and is now 6ft.It was the only good crop of apples this year but it takes time.I am training a apple tree I grew from a cutting and hope to see what that does.image

  • Looks like knocking the cordon idea on the head then. I'll plant two and maybe give the others away. Any takers?

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