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Autumn Raspberries / Pruning

UrszulaUrszula Posts: 8

Hi, can some one help me with my raspberries. I have grown Summer fruits for many years so know exactly how to prune them. I need help with my autumn raspberries which I started last year. I have about X10 bushes. I pruned them at the start of the year and they grew well and I have lots of berries....all looks good, they are about 2-3 feet tall. In the last three weeks though I have had a massive growth spurt of new canes, these are really big, they are about 5-6 ft tall, and do not look as though they are going to stop growing! They have no buds on them just leaves. What do I do with these?? Is it a case that they will produce flowers and fruit this year? I am just worried that these new rampant stems are taking all the nourishment from the plant, and then the fruits that are on the older canes on the 2-3 ft tall ones will not ripen? Can I cut these tall canes? I do not know what to do?? and would be grateful for any advice. Thank you for your help. Urszula


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