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Our garden now with railway sleepers, really pleased



  • star gaze lilystar gaze lily Posts: 14,385

    That looks really great, lovely lawn too

  • Ryan LloydRyan Lloyd Posts: 391
    That looks amazing! Would never have thought about sinking the sleepers! The person who suggested it definitely needs credit image
  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 735

    Brilliant job and brilliant idea.  It looks fabulous!

  • rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 2,010

    Lovely, looks very effective and I'm jealous of your lawn too!

  • MissymrMissymr Posts: 24

    Yay thanks everyone image hey punkdoc, I got stuck in too....haha see image



  • MissymrMissymr Posts: 24

    It was obelixx who suggested we lay them flat, so thank you image

  • MissymrMissymr Posts: 24
    Peanuts3 wrote (see)

    Where did you get your sleepers from Missymr ?

    Hi Peanuts3, we got them from Bromsgrove, singleton nurseries image

  • Did you put them straight in the ground or lay concrete or gravel? Did you put any sort of membrane down? Looking to do this but not sure how! 

  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 22,735

    It looks wonderful Missy.  Well done to you and BF.

    We did this years ago to edge a slightly sloping lawn with an "organic" edge so got some chappies to heave and cut the wood as they were old railway sleepers with bits of metal still on them.   It worked amazingly well.   We could just drive over the edges with the mower and OH would go round with his strimmer to neaten it maybe once every 4 to 6 weeks.

    We also used sleepers to make retaining walls to hold up our potager so that it could be levelled and not sloping.  The insides were lined with black plastic to keep moisture form the soil off them and a few years later they were growing lovely moss and lichens.   That was about 18 to 20 years ago and they were still looking great when we left it all behind to move here last October.

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