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Sizzling Summer Plant Deal



  • Arrrrrgggghh!  I opened the flipping email from T&M, and I've ended up buying the same 'free' collection, just paying for the p&p.  We're meant to be on an economy drive at the mo, and I've bought those, plus some flower power & root booster from QVC, plus their novatec secateurs.  Knickers.  Will have to hide purchases from Hubby until he buys some bits of car we can't afford!

  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 386

    I give my son the cash and i can then use his bank card so my hubby doesnt know the half of what i buy ha ha between killing slugs and doing things behind my husbands back this gardening lark can bring out a dark side

  • Well, Daniel is only 3 and Rebecca just 1, so will have to wait a litlle while for that one to work, weejenny!  Hiding the stuff and waiting for random bits of car will have to suffice for a little bit longer!!

    I agree that there's something very satisfying about eradicating weeds and pests from your garden and allowing what you want to grow to get on with it.

    I thought Gardening would be a nice innocent pastime before I started, I didn't realise that such things as pest war, garden envy and plant gluttony existed!

  • Still awaiting my April order of trailing begonias from Thompson and Morgan. imageimage

    Supposed to have been dispached by end May, but when I phoned to chase up this morning they claimed they had only been dispatched yesterday (14 June) but needless to say didn't arrive today. Very disappointing as I have spent a lot of money with T&M this year and their service has been fine otherwise.

    This is a salutory lesson to me regarding time-sensitive plants ( for baskets etc) as I could have got these locally several weeks ago - perhaps not as cheap, but if plants arrive too late to grow on they aren't cheap regardless of the price!

  • Excitable Boy, you must live 'down south' somewhere, as I've had to dodge raindrops to get my baskets planted up!  Got to set off in a minute to pick the boy up from nursery, and it's started to Thunder, so I'm going to get a tad wet.  That is if I can get the GSD off my lap, he's a big jessie when it comes to Thunder!

  • Yeah, I live in the wet, wet, west!image

    I'd wanted to get the troughs planted up and grown on for a couple of weeks before putting them out on our bay windows, but no such luck.

    The plants arrived today. Not the plants I'd ordered (upright instead of trailing) and very small (less than 1cm) - I could easily have grown them in 6 weeks without the aid of commercial facilities. To be fair this is the first time I've had a problem with T&M and they refunded the £20 straight away, but I don't think the troughs are going to happen now which is frustrating.

    Will buy corms next year!!

  • Crumbs!  It's always disappointing when you order something expecting it to be bigger than something that could have been grown at home.  At least some of the DIY stores have offers on bedding plants now, so you may be able to get some bargains this year, and grow on your microscopic begonias for next year!  Have you tried some of the bargain supermarkets for these?  I get a lot of my basket plants from Aldi, they're good quality (if you get there early enough, I don't think the staff have time to water them).  I'm sure you'll think of something to get your troughs flowering this year.

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