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Hi there I'm new here and new to proper gardening, normally just cut the grass. Ive got an area 6 meters long by 2 meters wide that is north east facing but shaded by the neighbours massive sycamore tree. Got a 6 foot high fence at the back of the area and a summerhouse at one one of the area, i would like to know what i can plant in here to attract bees, butterfly's any any other wildlife. Also what should i do to prepare for planting ? I live on the south west coast of Scotland. Many thanks for any help. Andrew.


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    Hi Andrew and welcome image

    That's a nice sized area you have to play with.  It's similar to my 'Shady Bank' which faces almost due North and is shaded from the east by large ash trees.

    We have honeysuckles and clematis growing up the fence - there are quite a few clematis that are happy growing in the shade.  In the spring the small flowered Clematis Alpinas  and then later on some of the larger flowered ones.  We also have foxgloves, astrantias, hostas, rambling roses, ferns, hardy geraniums, pulmonarias, Sweet rocket , echinaceas and many others that attract insects of all sorts.  

    The hedgehogs, frogs, toads and newts love the undergrowth that the ferns and hostas create.  You could also make a log pile towards the back of the border in a shady area.  You might even be able to incorporate a small pool - the wildlife in our garden has really increased since we dug a small wildlife pond. 

    The first thing I would do is dig over the area, weeding thoroughly as you go.  I would then dig in a good layer of well-rotted farmyard manure (you can buy it in bags from the garden centre).  

    While you're doing that some more people on here can come up with some more planting suggestions .... 

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