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South facing garden "which plant/s"?

Kez1980Kez1980 Posts: 71

Hi can someone give me some ideas on what plant/plants i can buy for my south facing garden,the plot is 100 by 100 cm (roughly) and is set in the centre of garden i like pieris but have 2 in the garden already but i like this plant because of the change in colour through the seasons i dont want anything to tall probably 1 metre at the maximum PLEASE HELP i want something with unusual foliage thats evergreen and hardy any ideas please?



  • Kez1980Kez1980 Posts: 71

    Been told off by the hubby got my measurements wrong the centre plot is about 45cm by 45cm woops image

  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 4,053

    That's not very big for a shrub, being only 18 inches square. What about some box plants trained and clipped into  topiary shape? There are not that many shrubs that will be constrained in that space without regular clipping or chopping. Or hebes are fairly well behaved - you could try a purple leaved one. As it is in the centre of the garden, have you considered a standard rose or small growing tree?

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  • Kez1980Kez1980 Posts: 71

    Thanks Verdun i shall look at these and see what i thinkimage


  • Kez1980Kez1980 Posts: 71

    Thanks hogweedimage

  • Kez1980Kez1980 Posts: 71

    Would Achillea do well south facing? been looking at the pretty belinda variety

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 48,940

    It's such a small space that I think any shrub would look a bit isolated. How about a big statement pot which can have different pots inserted with seasonal planting? Bulbs in spring, annuals or perennials for summer etc. An evergreen grass, box or a Hebe for a nice architectural look in winter, or even left empty it would be attractive.


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