Crab apple trouble - help please!!

Please help!  Moved into this house last August, and the garden has a well established crab apple tree.  Had lots of fruits over winter, blossom in spring, but now its dropping its leaves like its autumn!!  Leaves are green, with brown dead bits at the edge.  Its this something I need to panic about, and is it something I can treat?  Have had crab apples previously, but never had this problem! Many thanks x



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    Not sure Sertolicell,  but bumping it up for you so that someone else might be able  to help 

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    Can you see if it still feels well anchored into the ground, with the wet weather followed by some strong winds last year it might have loosened from the ground.

  • Feels rock solid - am having a panic as its a lovely well established tree and if theres something I should be doing I want to do it!!  Started dropping leaves over the last 2-3 days - HELP!!!! xxxx image


  • Can I treat that and what does it mean for the tree?  Its all over the tree as far as I can see - its quite a large tree.  The leaves are all green, but all seem to have these brown bits on them.  Because this is my first summer living with this garden, I don't know if it does it every year??

  • No - seems to be across the whole tree evenly - just looks like the trees dropping them as it would in autumn (if that makes sense!).  There are crab apples forming on the branches as normal - it had vast amounts of fruit over the last winter.

  • Has been quite dry this week, but we were swimming a couple of weeks ago - a few feet away is quite a damp corner.  The lawn is old - would it be any help to spike it well with a fork to allow moisture down you think?  Really appreciate any help - love my plants! xx

  • Thanks - anything else I can do to treat it - is canker something that will sort itself out, or am I stuck with it?

  • Will peer at it again tomorrow - I haven't noticed anything odd other than the leaves dropping off.  Don't like to panic, but it is strange. xxx

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    Have a look at this link - does it bear any resemblance to what you have? If so - you probably have fruit scab - a common fungal problem (some crab apples are very prone) - not terminal & you can treat with fungicidal spray if you are so inclined (lots of advice online - see RHS website). I have it on a quince & a John Downie  crab apple. I haven't gone down the spray route yet - it was bad last year but I did all the 'good hygiene' stuff & things don't look so bad this year so will wait & see.

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  • Hmmm, the leaves aren't as obviously scabby as the picture  but are browned in places, and the fruits look fine Topbird (feels odd typing 'topbird', haha!!), but a lot of the other symptoms such as a mild damp season and premature leaf dropping fit the description.  Will make sure I get rid of the fallen leaves, and also make sure its not too dry.  Will put some pics on in a couple of days (when husband is back who can work this computer better than me!) and see what you both think!  Really appreciate any help thank you! image

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