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I have just moved into a new flat and have never had a garden before, and previously the back garden had not been cut in over a year. I have cut with a strimmer and then the lawnmower but it is looking very brown and dry. Is there any tips on trying to return it to it's former glory?


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    Next time it rains Kevin - it'll spring back image

    Once it's greened up , you'll be able to see what else needs done. It'll probably need a bit of weed and feed to get it looking well and if it's compacted it might need spiked to help the  drainage. If it's a bit bare you might need a bit of seed put down. Lots of people here will be able to help you out anyway as time goes on.

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    Hi Kevin image

    I agree with Fairygirl - it's looking awful because the base of the grass has been hidden from sunlight etc - now it's in the sun it'll start to grow and photosynthesise and produce chlorophyll and turn green.  

    Rain, sunshine and regular mowing, at least once a week, will encourage it to green up and thicken out and it'll soon be fine.

    As Fairy suggests, a packet of Weed & Feed applied as instructions on the pack will also perk it up no end. 

    Enjoy image

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  • Thanks guys! Much appreciated. Will no doubt have more questions as we go on!

    Here's hoping for a green lawn!!
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    Its nothing to worry about if all else fails dig it up and you will have a space for plants which in my opinion is far better giving you endless possibilities good luck 

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