My senetti are wilting but have tries shade/sun , less water , more water. They look ever so sad! Help!


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    Oh no Verdun! I was looking forward to these reflowering and seeing them next spring as well. image

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    Stifyn and Verdun:  I had been going to ask the same about my Senetti which are also going off the boil.

    I was confused by what I felt were mixed messages on a couple of internet sites.  One said that Senetti loved full sun.  The other said they only thrived in cool sheltered conditions.  So like you Stifyn, I had them in a cool corner which is part-shade and then I moved them into full sun.  But I suspect mine are past their time.  I also read that they love their soil (if in pots) to be kept moist at all times and to shear the flowers off and then look for more blooms in about a month - but as Verdun says expect them to bloom with less 'oomph'.  I'd been trying to think of ways to somehow keep the plants until next Spring...but it sounds as if everyone gets rid of them each season.

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    Thanks guys, at least I'm not the only one eh? x

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    We had these in window boxes last year, I had hoped they would last all season but they were fabulous in the spring but then simply flopped and never re flowered. I took them out of the boxes and tried tlc in new compost etc but no success so I'm afraid they went onto the compost heap.
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    ta chrissie

  • In case anyone is still looking for information on Senetti I thought I would share my experience.  We bought two pots at the beginning of May from our local garden centre.  After getting them home and reading up I too found conflicting advise on where they should be located some saying full sun, others saying they thrive at around the 10degrees C mark.  Well we put ours in pots in partial sun and they did great for about a month and a half.  Then we cut them back hard and they came back again in full bloom for another month or two.  We have just cut them back a second time and the foliage is already starting to bush up nicely with plenty of flower heads coming on.

    So we've decided that we will try to over winter ours in either the conservatory or greenhouse.  I know that it might fail miserably but since we've had so much enjoyment from them (at least 3.5 months when they were in full bloom) that it will be worth a shot.

    Have any of you ever successfully over wintered a Senetti?

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