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NoozeNooze Posts: 24
Hi again, as mentioned in one of my previous threads, we are going to purchase a 8'5 x 10'5 greenhouse. the garden is plenty big enough to take it but do we need planning permission?


  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    No - they are temporary buildings thus do not need planning permission.

  • NoozeNooze Posts: 24
    Hi, thanks for the replies. Its definitely only for my sole purpose (probably to escape the family!)
  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    It has been known for a Court to order the removal and destruction of a greenhouse.

    Well they were growing Cannabis!

  • Chris 25Chris 25 Posts: 50

    A very good question,

    i have done some investigation on this very subject, although Planning regulation are NOT generally required as they are classed as removeable structures. but in the following situations planning permission is required or must be sort from you council planning department. these are a follow

    You live in a conservation area whereby a town and country planning requirements

    stipulates permission must be sort.

    A structure is being erected by means of a brick skirting wall which being erected against or too an existing building eg house. which would be classed or considered to be a extension to a property.

    You intend to run a greenhouse for commercial use from a  residential property.




  • NoozeNooze Posts: 24
    Thanks again folks. Its just a 8'5 wide x 10'5 long, dwarf wall greenhouse, purely for (attempting) to grow my own plants (hopefully for my own hanging baskets and tubs next year) and maybe some veg. Not for commercial use, not for resale or anything dodgy, purely a hobby. Itll be in one corner of the garden and not directly overlooked. We do live on the edge of Cannock Chase which is an AONB, but there are lots of folk in the village with greenhouses and I'm pretty sure they haven't had to get permission. Once its up and running (its now ordered but on an 8-10 week delivery), I'll put some pics on
  • NoozeNooze Posts: 24
    Well at long last our greenhouse was delivered on Tuesday and my wonderful husband has been busy installing it. the instructions are absolutely dire!! Elite seriously need to review and re-write them and these alone badly let down what look to be a good product. We have still got the glazing to put in yet so will see what issues that throws up. Am happy with it so far though.
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