In pots under oak tree in Surrey

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I moved 2 very substantial basic ferns in big pots to under my oak tree, replacing 2 smaller new basic ferns I bought a month ago, which did fine there, but were too small looking, so I swopped them with bigger ones I had, on Tuesday last week. (Small ferns were healthily growing under the oak).  

Today I noticed one of these big ferns is turning brown, the other is limp!!! So I have quickly rescued them. But I dont want to swop the small ferns back, I am successfully using them elsewhere now..

Will 'Acanthus Molis' grow under oak trees & in pots? I am in Surrey. HELP!  Or what other will give me good large cover under the oak? Grateful for all info anyone can help me with re the above?   And all suggestions!  Thankyou kindly - image 



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    The advantage of pots is that if it doesn't look too good you can move it. I had it in quite a lot of shade, but the shade died and it gets more sun now. You'd have to water well and watch the mildew

  • I'm sure you'll realise that oak trees suck most of the nutrients from the ground immediately surrounding them so can I suggest finding a plant(s) requiring bland soil. I have just planted a wild flower meadow seed mix under mine for the first time which should give plenty of natural interest until the autumn. Hope that helps.


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    You need to be careful what variety of fern you have put in the pots. Not all ferns like dry shade and those that do would probably be happier in the ground then in pots.
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    I won't plant in the ground, it's too hard & clay soil.  So i just want 2 big plants to go in 2 big pots standing under the oak tree. The tree trunk is some 3/4 yards away, but pots in mostly shade.   (I lived in Cape Town for 30 years, where Acanthus DO grow under oaks. But am finding things I take for granted, dont necessarily apply here. Having to get used to that )


    thankyou for all suggestions. 

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