Sweet pea heads dropping off

I have lovely healthy sweet peas that seemed to be growing well, cut the first flowers and since then nothing, flower stems are short and the buds on long stems have gone. Anyone any ideas please. Read all I can from the forum but couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance


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    Are they in the ground or in pots? I only ask because in pots they might be congested if you have a lot of them, and therefore they could be  short of food and water, and in the ground it could be slug/snail damage. Regular picking usually means more flowers, not less. image

    DavidK is the SP expert but I don't know if he's around today.

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    Hi, they are in the ground, and in a sunny spot. I have them in 4 different areas in the garden and one lot in a raised bed which I have onions and chives in and keep it well watered and they are all the same. The flower buds form and then can be knocked of so the heavy rain we have had is not helping. I did look at DavidK post on growing sweet peas but haven't seen anyone with the same problem.
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    Don't know what to suggest image

    It's not something I've encountered before. Have you grown them successfully in the same places before? I wonder if there's not enough nutrition for them.

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    It's a new garden for me as we only moved in last year, mainly grew veg and a few flowers until I had it landscaped this year in January. The soil is lovely, easy to dig a few stones but nothing like my last garden, that was built on a gravel pit and had only a layer of topsoil on. Every other plant in the garden is doing well, like everyone else I have had my problems with slugs and snails but I have put nematodes down a week ago and they do say it takes a week for them to work. Other than that I have watered with a liquid feed (Richard Jackson). I have grown sweetpeas before and can't say I have come across this before. Thanks for coming my request for help.
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    Tryhard Fairy has looked at sweetpea thread and no answer, best if I move it up and you ask the question there, David will help.

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    Sorry - I went out..image

    As KEF  says - David will be a lot more help than me Try hard. I'm sure he'll be back on sometime soon and will know the questions to ask as well as the answers! image

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    I have had the same problem before, normally its early in the season where there is often a big fluctuation between night and day temps. I find as the weather warms it eases.

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    I think I might have solved it myself. Researched Eagle Sweet Pea suppliers and they list a bud drop as a problem. Could be warm days, cold nights or cold watering from hose. I will leave them alone for a week or two and see what happens. From their information this could happen maybe twice a season. I'm glad it's not a bug I can't see. Just have to be a patient gardener!!!
  • Hi, Try hard.....I've answered your query on the other thread, but I see you have found the correct diagnosis from the Eagle SP website......they are the experts. image

    Good luck, the problem will soon resolve itself. image

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