Drainage issues

Hello I have just taken on an allotment and having problems with drainage. The water seems to flow from top to bottom and then seems to back up. I thought it would be a good idea to dig a big trench and fill it with rouble and sand to help. I started to dig, managed a 6x2x2 trench. I covered with plastic sheeting to start filling a day or two later. I went back today to find it full of water. I have no idea how to drain it or what to do next. Any help will be great.


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    where did you dig your trench at the top or the bottom? Ideally it would need to be at the top top redirect the water away from your plot but wherever it is the water needs somewhere to go. Are there ditches around?

  • I dug at the top. There is a ditch I'm told but my plot had been filled in so don't know where to dig to find it. Don't want to redirect to the wrong place!
  • Who's in charge of these allotments?

  • It's Stockton Borough Council. 


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     This maybe helpful - can't do the link but a guy called Rickvanman has problems with drainage on his allotment site.

    If you can find - Rick's allotment - A look back at 2013. One year in 30 mins - shows what he did to address a water logged pitch.   



  • Approach the council - they have responsibilities.

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