Rehoming peonies and rhubarb - help!

We're moving house and I'm desperate to take a few things with me.  I have a well-established rhubarb patch, a large peony bush, which I'm eager to take some of and a hybrid tea rose and a very baby apple tree (about 1 metre tall), which, I hope, will also come.  I've no idea, however, where to start in terms of uprooting/ dividing and how/ where to re-home in the new garden etc.  Any advice would be gratefully received.


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    A basic guide to digging things up is to start by imagining that everything you see above ground is reproduced below ground. It's not exactly true but it does remind you of how much distance you need to keep between your spade and the plant's stem. And how deeply you should try to dig, even if most of what you dig up turns out not to contain roots.

    In the case of the rhubarb the roots are very large and very deep. The more you can take with you the better the plant's chances of surviving. 

    Also, with large-leaved plants they lose a lot of water so they will wilt dramatically and stress the plant. So better to cut the big ones off, along with their stems.

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    to move a peony you need to convince it that it hasn't been moved!

    Dig it up with a large rootball and plant it in a pot until you decide where to replant it.

    don't plant it too deep. I moved one a few years ago and put it in a fairly shallow pot for a few months and then replanted it in the garden and it didn't realise that it had been moved and has flowered well ever since. Good luck.

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    Everybody says not to move peonies but my mum moved hers several times with no problem so I would give it a go. You will lose it anyway if you move and leave it behind. As Magrich says don't plant too deep, I think this is maybe why losing them is associated with moving and replanting.

    Good luck x
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    I wonder where the idea that paeonies can't be moved originated. It's so obviously not true but is still passed on

  • Great advice everyone, thanks. Had heard lots about peonies being temperamental, but, glad to hear it can be done. As a rule, shall I aim to pot them all up last minute so they're out of the ground as little time as poss, or best to let them rest in pots to settle?   Thanks.

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