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Talkback: How to plant a yew hedge

i found this very helpful,


  • What about bare root yew plants. I am expecting a delivery tomorrow.
  • Hello Josie,

    Buying bare root trees is a great way to keep the costs down. Try to plant them as soon as you get them if you can. This is especially important at this time of year as we're getting to the end of the bare-root planting season. If not, make sure the roots are kept moist, by covering them in compost / soil until you get them in. They should come with instructions. The instructions should let you know how far to space them apart for your hedge but a good guide is about five per metre for an average hedge. Be sure to keep them well-watered in the first year, but definitely not waterlogged. I hope you have a great hedge soon.

    Emma team

  • Beamer2Beamer2 Posts: 2

    Great video clip from Monty but how do you double row a Yew hedge? We have 5 metre strips to fill either side of our garden with a gap in the middle. We are buying cell grown Yew so we can plant it in May. So 6 plants per metre x 10 mtrs = 60 plants! Is there a video clip of double row planting - e.g what do you do about gettng the 'ends' looking even?

    Thx v much

  • Hello, I was just wanting to know what weed killer I am safe to use around Yew saplings?  The mulch hasn't been enough to deter and I want to purge the hedgeline of weeds, but don't want it to turn into an expensive error.

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