Anyone have a cardiocrinum giganteum in flower yet?any photos?

dizzylizzydizzylizzy Posts: 92

Great news- the Cardiocrinum which I had bought last year (about £10) from the Plant Hunters garden in Scotland, that takes 7 years to flower from bulb- is about to flower this year.  The bud which the other day looked to be only new leaves, is now looking like lily flower heads.

Even with all this rain 2 lily beetles were stuck to the flower heads- dispatched now....



They are held on a thick 6ft maroon bean pole - I have attached a picture of what I am expecting it to look like- the photo is several plants, whereas I have one.

any tips on growing them- do they need staking?  Will I get offset bulbs?- nothing showing yet-

Thebiggy- do I need to feed it?. 

However ,the sad news is -is it is mono-carpic so the bulb will die after flowering.  although hopefully it will have some baby offsets which should flower in 3 years time!

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