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Tree Lily

I have a tree lily that is in a pot and this is the first winter and I wondering how to over winter.


  • These lilies are quite hardy, but compost in pots can get quite waterlogged and cause bulbs to rot. I prefer moving the pot to a sheltered position, such as an unheated greenhouse or frame. The compost can be allowed to dry out completely.

    Water again in about March to start the bulb back into growth, and it will develop and flower again next summer. Provided you feed teh pot I wouldn't bother repotting into fresh compost next year, but you can if you prefer (repot in March, then water).

  • BenDoverBenDover Posts: 484
    I planted four Tree Lilly's in the ground quite late (June/July) - they were cheapies from Thompson and Morgan - I think I paid a 1p for them. Nothing appeared at all. Are they likely to just be sitting there waiting for next Spring, or would they have just rotted in the ground?
  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892

    Bubs normally cost several pounds each. So if you bought them for just 1p there must have been a good reason for the seller believing that the stock may not grow.

    Just guessing - possibly the bulbs had been in stock for a long while, and may have dried out. The seller couldn't be sure whether the bulbs were dead of alive. There might have been a chance that some could have been alive. Apparently yours were not. There could be other reasons.

    But if you haven't seen any sign of growth by now, then it's far too late.

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