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Talkback: Making a Christmas wreath

Stunning, but looks a bit expensive. I use the same mossed base every year, just with bits from the garden. Variegated holly and pittosporum are effective, just finished with a red ribbon.


  • LilylouiseLilylouise Posts: 1,013


    I always make a swag type thingy for our front door image

     It is made in one of these

     This is a decoration for the dining tableimage

    I use foliage from the garden and other bits and bobs image

     Pam LL x

  • well that is really clever,like it,only wish I could do must have an artistic mind.image

  • DianaWDianaW Posts: 62
    Sorry to see Rachel using wire frames and sphagnum moss as a base for her wreath.

    It's easy to make a basic wreath just from recently-cut ivy, wound around itself into a circle. Start with a piece at least 4 feet long, overlap the ends to make a ring about 1 foot in diameter and twine them around the ring. Then gently wind another length around it and so on, tucking the ends into the existing wreath and trying not to trap leaves under the twined stems. About 10 layers will make a stable ring which can be decorated with other greenery, ribbons and/or spare Christmas tree decorations.

    The leaves will stay fresh all through the festive season but dry out eventually, so the leafless wreath can be reused in future years as a base for other evergreens.
  • Hi everyone

    Having never made a wreath before, Diana you make it sound doable so I will have ago tomorrow. I'm looking forward to searching the garden to do some art and craft!

  • So how early can you make a wreath and it last through to the New Year?  Itching to have a go.

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