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Talkback: Unpleasant plant smells



  • greenjudegreenjude Posts: 64

    I had a lily in the house once. After a weekend away, as soon as I opened the door I thought something had died and was decomposing. It took me ages searching for a corpse to work out it was the lily. When I put it outside, it's scent was lovely, but indoors it was way too pungent.

  • kim030559kim030559 Posts: 8
    I have a dragon arum either side of the front door, we have only been here a couple of months, having just discovered what it is & the smell I can expect. how would I go about moving it to a spot away from the house & when should I do this? Any help & advise would be very welcome.
  • Used to have a lovely flower in my garden but it smelt so strongly of dog poo! Pretty or not it had to go.

  • Well the common name for Dracunculus Vulgaris is the stink lily. It smells like a rotting corpse to attract the flies that polinate it.

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