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Talkback: Yellow sorrel

I planted 2 hibiscus plants last autumn. We have a clay soil and I have read about "wet foot". The plants themselves look like dry sticks at the moment. Have I killed them?


  • sorry, this is the first time I have asked a question on this site and I obviously posted it in the wrong place!
  • Our problem is a different kind of sorrel with long green leaves and very fine roots. It is hard to weed as the root breaks off before you get to the end and the whole thing starts again. Having failed with persistent weeding, I tried using weedkiller, spraying it onto the leaves inside a lemonadade bottle to protect the plants around it. As I've been weeding this spring I am finding that the whole lot has regrown and has found its way into the root system of large plants. Can you recommend an appropriate weedkiller and method of applying it, please? We have ericaceous soil in this part of Scotland. Thank you. Eithne from Elgin
  • hoppyhoppy Posts: 5
    Hi All I have the yellow Sorrel in my Lawn can you chaps ups and ladies give me any work able solutions (wheel chair user) and I mean all over very much disappointed as I like my lawn Please Help
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