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Iris, tulips and grannies bonnets

katvetkatvet Posts: 45

Having moved house last year I've discovered all kind of lovely surprises in my new garden this Spring. I would appreciate some advice on what to do with some of these plants now they've finished flowering. The iris still have thick stems but the flowers have died, the tulips are a mass of wilted leaves and the grannies bonnets are at various stages between flowering and turning into dried out sticks! What's the correct thing to do with eahc plant now - do I dead head them all, or cut the leaves/stems away further to the ground? Thanks for your advice! image


  • FleurisaFleurisa Posts: 779

    Bearded iris can be divided after they have finished flowering, cut the flower stems down. The flowered stem on your 'grannies bonnets' can be cut down to the ground, sometimes the leaves develop mildew if the plants are a little dry, so the leaves can be cut back as they will grow again nice and healthy. Tulip leaves (and other bulbs) are left to die back usually for 6 weeks after flowering to feed the bulb before removing the tatty leaves.

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