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Hi.I have a question and would love some help.

When I bought my house 19 years ago,I inherited an Arum Lilly under my window from the previous owners.I knew nothing about looking after it and so just left it to itself.It has always thrived.I once had 19 flowers on it.Awesome.Anyway,the last 2 years it has only grown to a quarter of its usual size and no flowers at all....Why??? Can anyone help?


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 10,098

    All lillies need a lot of food, so it has probably exhausted the soil around it.  Sprinkle a  few good handfulls of blood fish and bone fertilizer around it and work that into the surface with a hand fork etc.  Give it a good water then mulch it with a thick layer (3 or 4 inches) of manure or compost (home made, if you have any.)  It won't help much this year, but do the same again next spring and, with luck, it'll do better.  Alternatively, wait until it had dies-back his autumn and is therefore at its most dormant, dig the bulbs up (carefully - there will probably be several all close together, and quite deep), make the hole wider adding lots of compost, and replant them further apart.

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  • thank you.means a lot.

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