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Traumatised Plants

NoozeNooze Posts: 24

Hi everyone, can anyone tell me if plants go into shock? 

Back in February, a raised flower bed in our front garden was destroyed following a fatal car accident.  There were two hisbiscus in the border that although flattened by the car, did not suffer any other damage.

I salvaged them and all the other plants (mainly spring bulbs which I transplanted into the back garden and had the most amazing display of daffs) as soon as I could and replanted them in the back garden.  The one has all new foliage and is looking much better, but the other is still dormant.  I broke off a tiny piece expecting it to be dead, but its still green inside.  any advice?


  • NoozeNooze Posts: 24

    Thanks guys, it was awful, especially as the car came through the front wall of the house.  My 5 year old and I were in another room at the time so although extremely shocked, we were physically unhurt. 

    I'm hoping the 2nd hibiscus will wake up again as the 1st one has, they are in different parts of the garden so I'll just keep an eye on it and see how it goes,

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,007

    In a normal year my hibiscus don't show new leaves before mid-June so be patient and give it another month and maybe a liquid tonic of tomato or rose fertiliser to encourage it.

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  • NoozeNooze Posts: 24
    Thanks obelixx, i've moved it today as its in the patch where my greenhouse will be. Its all tucked up nice and cosy in a new bed of fresh compost so hopefully it may wake up soon.
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