Green Houses

Green houses might be a bit expensive but <span class="st">they are definitely worthy. They don't only improve pest control, and help in regulating temperature, humidity, and water distribution; they also encourage good plant health and lead to maximum production.

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  • LilylouiseLilylouise Posts: 1,014

    Hello Camelia2 - You don't have to convince me - I have 3 and love them image

    Pam x


  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    Yup. My favourite place in the world. I've got 2 and a cold frame all snuggled together. Bloke electrified them last year which makes them even better!
  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,339


    The results you can get in greenhouses are amazing, but I don't have the space, money, energy for a greenhouse, especially to heat, power, and maintain it!

    Instead I have 2 home made cold frames which work like a treat. I still get the some slugs etc but not  that makes that much difference.

    My seeds start off on my kitchen window sill in a propagator them move to the 2nd and 3rd frame as they get bigger.

    These frames have done loads! It's possible to cram loads of stuff in there, particulary if we have mild winters. I'm planting out lobelia that was grown from seed.

    I'm a cold frame fan especially if someone hasn't got a large amount of space and money to get a greenhouse.




  • i love my greenhouse  it was cheap and its small its great for all my gardening  needs

  • holliehock,

    for xmas my mum bougt me small put me up green house with a plastic cover and its the best! keeps the snails and slugs out but really brings seedlings along when it warms up in there.

    i have so much in there including beets, parsnips, carrotts spring onions and tomato plants. i want a cold frame but funds are restricted and weve just bought our house so the garden is all stones and patio that we are half way through sorting/digging up and trying to prep for grass seed.

    hopefully by next year the garden wil be sorted and i can have a veg bed and a cold frame or maybe even a small green house

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 2,929

    My GH came free and it's fab, I couldn't imagine gardening without it, you can even go in there when it's raining to sow seeds and pot up. Also love my plastic four shelved GH wouldn't be without that either.

  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,339

    Now a free greenhouse I would welcome.image I've got loads of seeds to do and would love to have a dry place to do this, I have a shed but it's more of a death trap  with all the stuff in it.

    The cold frames that I have are more like the 4 tier greenhouse you describe. Here's one of mine in Feb



  • hollie-hock

    If you go to Norfolk Greenhouses they have cheap greenhouses i have 4 foot by 6 foot which does me fine and it only cost about £100 or so you can get small and largre greenhouses there and theres basicly no maintaines at all and it only costs me about £20 to heat for the hole winter .There metal framed with perspex and there really strong to and there's also metal framed with plastic film on which is the cheaper ontion.

  • that is a very impressive cold frame. as i said were sorting the garden at the mo so im hoping i can have a moveable/collapsable coldframe to pop over the top of new seedlings and remove it when they get big and move it over new ones when they are sprouting. weve bought a shed but its to house the bunnies, but im sure ill be aloud a shelf or two and can hang my tools up in there.

    two things i bought that i use in the garden every time im out there are one of those big rubber tub that i put al my weeds and scraps and what nots in to save me walking to the compost bin every time and a wicker basket that carries my small spade and fork, string gloves big scissors small canes to support plants and a few other goodies. i carry it around every where and it saves me alot of time. i also fill the rubber bucket with all the plants/stones/compost i need then make one trip round the front garden with all i need.

    planted my runner beans out today and early carrotts, need to sort my beets as they are getting very large, hoping the rain goes so we can damp proof the garage wall and fill the ole back up with compost to make my raised veg bed.

    have also got a lovely herb pot with thyme rosemary parsely chives oregano all growing madly but smelling lovely too and attracting bees.

    my sweet peas are just flowering so hopefully in a few days i can do a first pick.

  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,339

    Hi  Cheesey ed 4,

    Thanks for the information, certainly looks resonable in price


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