winter veg

am i too late now to plant winter veg like brussell sprouts,or parnips, am a bit new to growing winter veg , and had great success with runner beand in the summer


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    Far too late -I am afraid-you could try sowing some broad beans now for harvest next year.

  • thanks sotongeoff, thought i might be but never sure when i should have planted them

    What about crowns of ruhbarb?

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    Will leave that to a rhubarb guru-I think so- but someone will know for sure.

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    I've only ust planted kale but I had grown it on in pots til the ground was ready. I'm not much of a veg grwer so I don't know how successful I'll be

  • Im a bit like you elizabeth and missed the boat with my winter veg. I have an allotment and have just put some broad beans in and some hardy peas. I know you have to cover the rhubarb crown with a bucket but not sure if its at any particular time. 

  • Rhubarb crowns can be planted now however it's not advisable to pick any stems for at least the first year. The bucket thing is called forcing which produces much sweeter stems but that's not until February or march time. You could try stuff like winter lettuce and spring onions.
  • My garden centre is selling all sorts of overwintering veg as plug plants ready for planting out now (Nov),im not sure as to what until i go a see for myself tomo morning and will let you now.However i have son some hardy peas and broad beans in pots and trays under cover to germinate then plan to plant out december/january and have sown other other Peas and Beans,Cauliflower etc along with some Perennials and Annuals in pots under cover as a trial to see if they produce a good root stock ready for planting early Spring,as i say its a trial really and i had so much spare seed left over that needed using up or throwing away anyway i thought it be a good chance to try out my trial,ive nowt to lose but much to gain if it works out,will keep posted as to results,i also am new to gardening both veg and plants and have been into it in a bad way lol for around 18 months,its all trial and error with great enjoyment along the way,gardening has no set rules or tasks and the beauty of it is that you should garden,sow,plant etc when you want to and how you feel and how you benefit from it yourself,it is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and hobby and enjoy accordingly,thats my way of gardening,hard work,trails and errors and hopefully reap the rewards at the end of the seasons...Happy gardening.

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