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Hello.  Every year about October/November, I take a bought tomato, take the seeds out, place in a brown envelope and put in a draw until January.  Then I take out the seeds and place one in a pot and put on my window shelf until the frost goes and then I place it in a bigger pot and put it outside.  I usually grow two plants.  This year I decided to grow beef tomatoes from seeds I had from a tomato I had bought.  Everything was going well until it rained, rained and rained again.  I only got six beef tomatoes on the plant.  So, I've decided that in January/February, I intend to buy a tomato growing greenhouse (plastic).  And we'll see if the rain can penetrate that!  image


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    I grew marmande beefsteak tomatoes outside this year -  the low temperatures and low light levels made it a very difficult year - I don't think any of my plants yielded more than a dozen decent sized tomatoes, and some yielded half that, so I wouldn't be at all disappointed with your plant if I were you.  image

    None of my marmandes ripened on the vine - all havng been picked and ripened indoors on windowsills.  However, I had some cherry tomato plants in a little plastic growhouse, and lots of them ripened in there - it was noticeably warmer inside than out - I might get another one image


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    I grew Brandywine in the greenhouse for the 1st time this year. Although they were very late, I had some corkers. Some were as big as my hand and tasted wonderful. I still have some in a drawer with a banana, only recently picked, and they are slowly ripening.

  • Good luck with your Beef Tomatoes. You definatly get a lot of bang for your buck with them! I doubt the rain will get through your growing house!!

    There's a great site I use for growing tomatoes. Checkout: Best Juicy Tomatoes

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