I have a fair few strawberry plants and in previous years they have been eaten by ants birds and slugs and this year i want to stop the problem! 


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Ants can only eat them if someone else has broken the skin for them, they are not able to get into a strawberry by themselves. One the bird has pecked them then it is a free for all for just about anything in the garden - including mold fungus.  There is an organic slug pellet that helps here, and I net them with fairly heavy netting so that the birds feet don't get tangled up in it as they do the thin stuff.   Just about everyone loves strawberries as much as we do, so physical measures are all you can really do.   You can use a thin fleece or fine mesh cloche over them - the light and water will get through - i have done this later in the season,  after the pollinators have had their chance to get in there.  Good luck.

  • LalatLalat Posts: 29

    Thanks for your support Bookertoo, I will try and get out in the garden tommorow and put a net up or i might just use organic slug pellets

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