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Talkback: How to save water in your garden

I have read with interest about saving water to water my plants. I have quite a large garden and live in a pretty dry part of the country. I have looked into getting water butts but haven't done so as yet.

My question is: What can I do as I have extremely low levels of rainfall. We had virtually no rain in May and June and the odd shower that didn't come to much this week?

Many thanks



  • BiddyBiddy Posts: 1
    If you live in an area of very low rainfall as I do you really have to change plants to suit if you want your garden to shine, maybe having just a few special favourite water hungry plants. The other option is to go for larger scale water collection. No messing about with little weenie water butts alone, go for recycled tanks like IBC's and juice transportation tanks off ebay and catch all your water when it does rain. We have 2000 litre capacity and are planning more. Think infrastucture!
  • Does the detergent in the washing up liquid not harm the plants at all?
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