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Re-potting acers

I have a large acer which has been in a pot since I bought it.   I think it needs re-potting and we have a large pot to put it in but it didn't do very well this year and I am wondering if it will tolerate being put in a bed in the garden after all its years in a pot.  We have a nice sheltered spot for it but I'm nervous because I love it and it was pretty expensive, so I'd hate to lose it.  Any thoughts?


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    As long as the area you've picked doesn't get waterlogged it should be absolutely fine. Prepare the area by digging out a hole twice the size of its pot and mix the soil with some good compost, plant at the height it was and, if it's large, give it a stake until it's had the chance to put down its roots.

  • Thanks very much.  I will do it today.

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