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Am helping out with a garden tomorrow where the raspberry canes have gone bonkers. A couple of questions... if I move them now will they survive for next year!? And what time of year is generally best to move them? 

Also the mint and lemon balm have also gone mad so I will transplant into an old sink. Any tips on using/storing the huge number of leaves we'll have left over

Thanks, Lou


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    Hello Lou. Firstly, there are two types of raspberry. There are ones that fruit in the summer. They will have little bunches of flowers on tall canes now. Then there are the ones that fruit in the autumn and they won't be doing much except growing like mad just now. The best time to move any raspberry is, of course, after it has fruited. Because they are such big tall wobbly plants you are going to have to cut them down to a manageable height. So you will lose this year's fruit if you do it now. However, that said, if you have to move them now then that is what you have to do.

    One thing to know about raspberries. When you dig them up you never dig up every last bit of root. And every bit of root that you leave behind will rise from the earth like The Undead and haunt you ever after.  So take care where you plant them because you will be stuck with them.

    Short of making mint sauce, I have no idea what to do with your leaves. I know nothing at all about lemon balm except it is like raspberries, a haunter.image

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    Put lemon balm leaves into a jug and pour boiling water over - strain, allow to cool a little and drink - very calming - just what you need after battling in the garden image

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  • laarobbinslaarobbins Posts: 17

    Thanks for your advice - there are so many in the garden I'm sure my friend won't mind losing a few when we move them.

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