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 Hi we inherited this tree in very poor condition so i gave it a trim and its woken up ,but we dont know what it is ,the main other trees are magnolias ,could this be another one perhaps.




  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,339

    looks like catalpa bignonoides aurea

    but can't say for sure 


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,878

    I should think that's right, it's at about the stage of my green one. But yellowerimage

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,391

    Must be quite exciting having all of these mystery plants springing up, Alan!

    BTW, nice looking Ceanothus in the background - love those. image

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  • Alan4711Alan4711 LincolnshirePosts: 1,657

    Hi yes iv followed that and yes all correct,weve got an Indian bean tree,that seems to be its common name,Catalpa it is many thanks and yes Bob ,we keep clearing parts and finding these little treasures or things like this latest one its good fun,and the Ceanothus im trying to find out the best way and time to take cuttings as we love it but need more of it around the garden,many thanks everybody for all that ,just great 


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,305

    Ceanothus cuttings are reputedly difficult to root, but now's the time to try 

    As they're supposed to be difficult, try taking quite a few image

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